Cape May, NJ

yacht-length Length
yacht-beam-length Beam
17 ft 9 in - 5.41 meter
yacht-engine-make Engine Make
yacht-engine-power Engine Power
1400 HP
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The 58 Convertible is the culmination of nearly 55 years of Viking design, engineering and manufacturing and the best the industry has to offer in sportfishing boat innovation.

Since its September debut, the second-generation 58 Convertible has received a plethora of five-star reviews from journalists, Viking dealers and captains who’ve raved about her bone-dry ride, nimble handling, large cockpit, free-flowing spacious interior and a host of other attributes. And as the first owners began to take delivery, word was spreading throughout sportfishing ports around the globe that the Viking Yacht Company has delivered yet another bluewater champion destined for greatness.

“We’re successful with every model we release, but there are times when you hit one right out of the ball park,” says Viking President and CEO Pat Healey.

The Viking Yacht Company sold more than 110 of its first-generation 58 Convertible from 1991 to 2000, helping build the New Gretna, New Jersey, company into a sportfishing powerhouse. “It was our largest boat at the time and a major milestone for us,” says Pat. Eighteen years later, Viking’s “Gen II” 58 C is once again leaving the competition in its wake and staking its claim as not only a tournament champion but the best high-performance family cruising yacht in its class.

Fishermen and cruisers alike are always hungry for new designs, new ideas and innovation—and Viking has been ringing the dinner bell for nearly 55 years. “We are not taking old concepts and knocking the cobwebs off of them,” says Pat. “Our Gen II 58 and all of our boats are new designs.”

An Evolution of the 55
Our new 58 C builds on the success of the Gen I 58, but its pedigree also includes two generations of the 55 Convertible. The latest 55 has dominated the mid-50-foot range since 2012, while the iconic first-generation of the 55 Convertible stands out as one the most important boats in Viking’s storied history.

“Our design, engineering, boatbuilding and tournament experiences over the past 18 years evolved into the 58 that we have today,” says Pat.

The 58 C is longer than our most recent 55 Convertible, but maintains the same 17’ 9” beam. “We believe we have optimized the length-to-beam ratio, giving the 58 C an enhanced ride and additional interior volume,” says Viking Design Manager David Wilson. “This boat can run faster in the same sea conditions because the bottom is softer, more refined and efficient.”

The underbody hull form allows the 58 C, despite its greater size, to achieve the same top speed as the 55 C, and with more efficient 10-cylinder engines.

The performance of the new 58 C has been its most lauded attribute so far. The boat has exhibited an incredible ability to keep spray down, running clean with its molded strakes guiding the water to break just aft of the house windshield. These performance attributes are due, in part, to the aggressive positioning of the strakes as well as their downturned angle and radiused shape.

“It’s more than just the strakes, though,” says Dave. “Other critical factors include the speed and balance of the boat; its center of gravity; trim and shaft angle; and engine installation. All of these elements were scrutinized from the previous models and adjusted over the years. This is what we do—build a better boat every day.”

All areas benefit from the 58 C’s larger size, particularly the cockpit and the salon. The 58 C’s cockpit is 14 square feet larger than the 55 C’s while still providing a full-featured mezzanine with a shaded seating area and beautifully upholstered cushions; freezer, cooler, bait and tackle storage; and engine access.

The main difference in the interior layout of these two boats is that the galley-and-dinette arrangement has been reversed. The 58’s galley is on the port side, while the dinette takes the starboard position. The result: a more streamlined layout with a convenient companionway that extends in a straight line from the starboard-side salon door all the way to the forepeak. Below, the master stateroom is now on the port side with an athwartships bed that allows for increased walkaround and hanging locker space.


BOAT TYPE: Sport Fishing




BEAM: 17 ft 9 in - 5.41 meter

LENGTH: 58.00

DRY WEIGHT: 80,379 lbs


MODEL: V12 1400CRM

FUEL: Diesel

POWER: 1400 HP

TYPE: Inboard

DRIVE: Direct Drive

FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 1502 gallons