September 15, 2021

Vision Marine Technologies has just released information and opened pre ordering for the new E-Motion 180E Electric Motor. This sustainable solution is being referred to as the world’s most powerful electric outboard. Because the Motor is completely electric it is noiseless, odorless, smoke less and reduces the spending on fuel and maintenance by 90%. In addition, the motor is accompanied by an app used to monitor the essential functions 24/7.The CEO of Vision Marine Technologies, Alexandre Mongeon, states that they are focused on the next generation; with the “technology to significantly reduce our footprint without compromising on the experience.” This is an extremely exciting innovation for the boating industry and keeps us intrigued to see what is to come in the future of marine maintenance. If you are interested in this product you can preorder the package that includes the 650 V electric motor, 60 KWH Lithium Pack battery and 220v Inboard charger online with a $300 reservation fee. It is expected to be ready at the end of 2021. Linked below. ponsored&_hsmi=130918235&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-80EkxKQ2bFUmYgQ-6LKB4baS-qo5_yXHZG gEiBuEZ5jJFDTt27r_95Wc6C5mskcJBGRgM5e4cDpsHYXitHZOj3gKZmxkgnX2ifnZBPw2KUh2 a-EvY&utm_content=landing&utm_source=Tradeonlynewsletter