September 15, 2021


As a family owned buisness, we understand how important it is to spend time with loved ones on the water. There is currently a rise of first time boaters who are getting on the water. If you or one of your loved ones is a first time boater as well then this list is for you. Here at South Jersey Yacht Sales our mission is to consistently exceed expectations and help make your time on the water memorable. But even after we get you onto your new boat we want to ensure your safety as you use your new or used vessel. That is why we have constructed this list of first time boater essentials for your new, or new to you, boat just in time for fathers day this weekend!

1. Rightfully in our number one spot, we have a First Aid Kit, preferably this StormProof Universal  First Aid Kit that is currently on sale for $75, click the picture below to be taken to the item’s link.

(Click here or on the image above to be taken to this item’s webpage)

2. The next essential for boating safety that is our list are Life Jackets.  Overton’s Blue Universal Adult LifeJackets are great because they are Coast Gaurd Approved and $49.49 for a pack of 4!

(click here or on the image to be brought to the item’s webpage)

3. Fire Extinguishers are necessary to be kept on the boat. There are different kinds and ratings for extinguishers but to keep it simple, remember that boats under 26 feet (including PWCs) need at least one B-1 type extinguisher and boats 26 to just under 40 feet need two B-1 types or one B-2 type. We have attached a simple B1 extinguisher from Overtons for just under $20.

(click here or on the image to be brought to the item’s webpage)

4. At some time, it is likely that most boaters may face a situation where you need assistance, if you run aground, have an engine failure, fire, leak or an injury to a member of your crew. That is why Visual and Sound Signaling Devices are next on the list. There are many different options for these devices, like all different types of flares and radios. The best way to figure out what signals are for you is to do some research regarding your boat and the waters you will be taking it on. Below is a link that goes into all of the specifications that need to be regarded when making this decision.

5. You never know what situations you might get yourself into when on the water. Or what time of day they might fall at, that is why a Rechargable Waterproof Flashlight is the final iteam on our list for first time boaters. THis Flash light is perfect for spotting other vessels, markers and much more. You can find it at the link below from Amazon for $35.99.

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