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NEW Invincible 35 Catamaran

NEW Invincible 35 Catamaran


 Expanding their proven line of catamaran hulls Invincible Boats has added the 35 Catamaran to their stable.  Invincible’s eighth model overall and third in their catamaran line, the 35’ joins the 37’ which debuted in the summer of 2018 and followed their 40’ which was introduced just prior to the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Additionally, Invincible produces a line of mono-hull center console boats including the 33’, 36’, 39’ and 42’ Open Fisherman and the 42’ Center Cabin.    


 Makers of “the fastest, driest and best riding open fishermen ever built,” the new Invincible 35 Catamaran is built around the patent-pending Morelli & Melvin hybrid-asymmetric multi-hull design.  This is the same proven hull design used by Invincible’s 37’and 40’ catamaran models and will be available in both a two-outboard or four-outboard configuration.  Morelli & Melvin designed the 35 Catamaran with a focus on accommodating what many were asking for since the launch of the Invincible 40 Catamaran - a boat that still offers the same stability and space-efficient characteristics but in a smaller, easier to handle package.


  The 35 Catamaran also offers a variety of power configurations.  Twin-outboards have been a major request and several different twin engine packages are available.  Additionally, quad-outboard engine configurations will also be available. Regardless of twin or quad configuration, the 35 Catamaran is properly balanced to maintain a perfect running angle with no need for extra negative trim or ballast.


 Additional seating options are available and while the separate, large coffin boxes remain standard, there is an option for a built-in console-coffin as well where the top will double as a two-person lounge seat while the inside will be a large insulated coffin box.


 Invincible’s patent-pending hybrid semi-asymmetric multihull remains this new model’s most outstanding feature. Safety, maneuverability, and exceptional ride continue to be Invincible’s top priority.  The simple task of turning at 15 or 55 mph elevates this technology beyond the traditional hull designs many catamaran manufacturers currently utilize. It provides mono-hull-like turning by “leaning-in” compared to the prominent “lean-out” roll and inability to turn with competitor designs.


 Stability and space are the biggest factors a catamaran hopes to achieve.  Even though the 35 Catamaran is a shorter boat, it boasts more deck space than a comparable 39’ mono-hull. At 35’ 11” LOA and 11’ 10” beam, the new 35 Catamaran also offers more fishing and storage space than our main competitor’s larger boat while maintaining a single-level deck.


For more information on the new Invincible 35 Catamaran or other Invincible models please contact the South Jersey Yacht Sales office.